Giovanni’s 13.2 Auro-3D
Bowers & Wilkens / REL Acoustics
Living Room Home Theater


B&W 803 D3s Mains
B&W HTM1 D3 Center
B&W CCM 663s Ceiling (x4) for Atmos plus (x2) for Auro3D VoG
B&W M-1 (x6) for Front/Surr/Surr Backs
B&W PX (x2) Wireless Headphones
B&W T1 Wireless Speaker For Tub Area

Subwoofers (LFE):
Rel 212 S/E (x2)

Sony Bravia 77” OLED A1E
Denon AVR x8500h
Arcam P349 (for LCR – by amp’ed)
Furman f2000 Power Conditioner
Oppo UHD 203
Apple TV
BDI Marina 8729 Cabinet
Sony PS4
Nintendo Switch
Verizon FiOS DVR

Savant Control System
Lutron Caseta Wireless
Lutron Serena Auto Shades
Savant Bulbs
Alexa Show


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Today I met a new audio friend that has a huge passion for great sound. Giovanni was very purposeful in every element of his theater. Now before you say he needs a bigger TV, keep in mind the Sony Bravia OLED is 77″. He does have plans in the future to add a 120″ – 150″ projection in front of the TV.

From the moment I walked in, I was immediately greeted with the most gorgeous home theater I have ever seen in person!

We demoed various content for several hours. The Guardian’s of the Galaxy in AURO-3D was very impressive.

In the movie FURY, the tank battle scene was INTENSE! The B&W 803 D3’s delivered detail and clarity of every gunshot with a very controlled top end. With every cannon blast, the REL 212 S/E subs were powerful, yet very balanced without being over the top.

I was extremely surprised how well the small B&W M-1 performed. We were running at pretty high volume and they remained crystal clear without distortion.

The system was designed by Dave Caradonna and installed by Magnolia.