HIGH END 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Home Theater Tour
Trinnov and Wisdom Audio

Today we tour a 7.X.4 Trinnov and Wisdom Audio dedicated home theater in Roswell, Georgia.

Trinnov Website – https://bit.ly/trinnovaudio

Wisdom Audio Website – http://bit.ly/wisdomaudio

Check out the live stream with Trinnov and Wisdom Audio here – https://youtu.be/h7CNmrN7a8U

Pricing on Home Theater products – http://youthmanreviews.com/sales/

We also have guests from Trinnov, Wisdom Audio, the Audio Calibrator, and Integrator sharing about the build. Timestamps below. 

Thank you to Trinnov and Wisdom Audio for sponsoring this video.

Alex’s Home Theater: Speakers:

Wisdom Audio Sage Cinema line 2 (LCR)
Wisdom Audio Insight Series L8i (Surrounds)
Wisdom Audio Sage Series Point 2V2 (Atmos)
Seaton Sound F18x8 (Subwoofers)
Audio processor: Trinnov Altitude 16
Video Processor: Lumagen 4242
Amplification: ATI Amps
Power Conditioning/Battery backup: Panamax
Video Sources: Panasonic 9000 (Bluray), Zappiti Pro, Kaleidescape, Apple TV
Music Playback: Roon
Projector: JVC NX9 / RS3000
Lens: Paladin DCR
Acoustic Treatment: GIK Acoustics
Everything controlled via Control4