Youthman’s 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos
Klipsch / SVS
Dedicated Home Theater
(2020 Edition)

Speakers: (3) Klipsch LaScalas for LCR , RS-62 II Side Surrounds, RS-62 II Back Surrounds, (2) SVS PB16 Ultra Subs, (4) CDT-5800-C II Atmos Speakers

Video: Epson 5040UB Projector with 150″ Seymour Center Stage XD Cinescope (2.35:1) Screen, Pioneer UDP-LX500 UHD Player, PS4  for gaming, AppleTV

Audio: Marantz SR8012

Lighting: Lutron Caseta Dimmers with Lutron Hub

Misc: Harmony Elite Remote & Hub, Amazon Echo Dot, DIY Acoustic Panels, CB Concept SMD5050 LED Lights, Panamax MAX 5500 ACRegenerator


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